It was 2007 when Scott first found out its 790g extremely-light Addict platform. With it, Scott set a brand new benchmark for light and stiff racing frames, and a number of competitors spent years trying (with some fulfillment) to overcome it. Since then, the Addict RC, Scott’s solution to a light-weight all-round race system, has been ridden to countless WorldTour wins, such as a Grand Tour, with some of the generational overhauls alongside the way. Throughout, the Addict has remained lots the identical platform as that original trend-setting frame – at least in how it changed into defined.
For 2020, Scott has overhauled its race-focussed Addict RC lineup another time – this time including some apparent aero layout factors to the already mild, and now stiffer, platform. And regrettably for Wilier’s new Zero SLR, which claimed to be the world’s most effective completely incorporated lightweight disc race motorcycle, properly, that sales pitch lasted all of 24 hours. That’s right, the now disc-best Addict RC offers a totally-incorporated cockpit and cabling, too – and it’s arguably smarter in execution.

In the 77-slide presentation for this new motorcycle, over 45 have been dedicated to Scott’s new integrated handlebar/stem and related cable routing. From decreased aerodynamic drag to claimed machine weight financial savings – plenty of its miles credited to the motorcycle’s new one-piece bar and stem.
All seven fashions of the brand new Addict RC see either the mechanical or electronic shift cables/wires, at the side of the disc brake hoses, run via the bars and instantly via the pinnacle tube. This is truly precise as many included structures are confined on the area and restriction use to electronic shifting simplest (consisting of Wilier’s that become found out the previous day). To triumph over that, Scott got a bit creative.
This patented creation uses oversized 1.5in headset bearings at the pinnacle and bottom, with the pinnacle bearing offset 3mm rearward with regards to the bottom. The fork steerer is then offset too and tapers from its 1.5in diameter at the bottom to a nevertheless massive 1 1/4in (much like Giant’s OD2) at the top. By combining the 3mm offset and the slimmer steerer jogging through an oversized bearing, Scott has created room for cables and hoses to run in front of the fork steerer earlier than weaving their manner to the applicable corners of the motorcycle.
It’s something Scott has dubbed “Eccentric bicycle fork shaft”, and its ambitions to offer complete cable integration with out impacting shifting, handlebar resistance or body stiffness. In reality, Scott claims that the new Addict RC’s head tube is stiffer than it turned into earlier than.

Scott employed its in-residence issue business enterprise, Syncros, to produce the included handlebar and stem setups – this characteristic on all models. The extra highly-priced Addict RC fashions will get hold of the one-piece carbon fiber Combo Creston iC SL bar. The Addict 10 and below get an alloy two-piece integrated setup (Creston iC 1.5 handlebar and RR iC stem), with similar ergonomics and aero profiling, which include the hidden bolts.
That Combo Creston iC SL bar is quite the bit of kit, with a V-form that makes use of non-stop carbon fiber from the stem thru the bar. Additionally, the form allows for clean cable paths from the bar and via the stem. Compared to Syncros’ preceding one-piece bar and stem combo, the new Combo Creston iC SL is said to be 26% stiffer and 27% extra compliant. It’s said to weigh an impressive 295g and of the route, consists of an out-the-front computer mount.
The shape becomes developed with ergonomic studies from associate bike fitting enterprise GebioMized. Accounting for hand sizes and stress mapping, the bar gives a 2-degree flare on the drops and an oval shape that’s designed to reduce strain points when at the tops. Additionally, the emblems of the bar are designed to useful resource in grip should you select to forgoe bar tape on the tops.
Finally, the steerer clamp and headset top cap are blanketed by using a magnetic cover. Of route, being a one-piece machine makes future servicing a little trickier, but thankfully, the headset spacers, ought to you want them, are cut up and may be modified while not having to undo the hydraulic brakes.

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