BECKLEY, W.Va. (WVVA) Rev up your engines, it’s going to be antique vehicle galore at several cars indicates in Beckley on Saturday.

I-Hop’s third annual Car Show, sponsored by using the Smooth Impressions Car Club, will kick-off one among 3 automobile shows scheduled for Saturday. The laugh starts offevolved at 8 a.M. At the I-Hop on Harper Road, in which greater than 130 motors are anticipated.

According to organizer and I-Hop Store Mgr. Earl Harville, there will also be a special look by way of a celebrity guest.

“He’s at the History Channel…Treasure Island. There’s a couple of man on there, however this one actor, he’s from West Virginia. He’ll be right here with his family signing books and has a brand new e-book out called ‘Faith over Fear.’

From fireplace vans to fluffy pancakes, Harville said there can also be a laugh for the children.

The event is unfastened and open to the general public. Parking might be positioned at both the Beckley I-Hop and Campestre Mexican Restaurant.

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