Police forces often capture automobiles of great offenders and scamsters and preserve them in their custody. They are later on intended to be auctioned off but that is something that hardly ever occurs. The snapshots below display a comparable case where expensive excessive-cease vehicles were left to rot in a police station. This is inside the parking space in front of Shivajinagar police station and the automobiles in questions have been once the satisfaction of Deepak Sakharam Kulkarni (DSK), his companies and family. They had been right here for about a yr.

While the picture above shows their cutting-edge condition, the photograph underneath is of when they were confiscated and brought to the Police station. An overall of nineteen vehicles, which includes 1 motorcycle too, are present at the station right now. The cars in question include high-end vehicles like a purple Porsche Cayenne, BMW 6 series, Audi Q5 and Toyota Camry amongst others. They have been standing at the identical place for extra than 12 months now and the photographs display the degrade in their condition over time. The Porsche and BMW badges are missing from the motors and as they’re parked in open, the harshness of climate is virtually seen on them.

These automobiles had been confiscated after DSK, who’s a real property developer, turned into accused of financial irregularities and siphoning off investor funds. He is presently serving a jail term. The different vehicles being held by means of the police consist of six Toyota Innovas, one each of Qualis and a Hyundai Santro among others. Apart from those, an MV Agusta motorcycle is likewise collecting dust within the station premises. The seized motors are a part of the 46 motors that have been stated in the May 5, 2018 authorities notification that announced attachment of 459 properties, 276 bank money owed, and 46 automobiles.

As of now, the police has now not performed a complete price evaluation of all the cars present. However, the Porsche Cayenne, BMW 6 collection and the Audi Q5 alongside can take things properly past Rs. 2.5 crores. The purple Porsche Cayenne is not the cutting-edge generation model however isn’t tons old too. The base version of the Porche Cayenne in India costs Rs. 1.19 crores and the variety goes all of the ways as much as Rs. 1.Ninety-two crores. The black BMW 6 series, then again, is pretty an high-priced car itself. According to the lawyer who has been representing DSK in the case, they’ve told the authorities to sell the motors considering the fact that sometime now.
If auctioned, the cash gained from these cars may be used to pay returned the depositors. Also, if the motors happily land up with a petrolhead, it will be a win-win scenario. After all, no offense changed into committed by means of these beauties for which they may be paying the fee.

Safety is one key area this is in cognizance of overdue. Be it more secure cars for India from producers or the rising call for of protection features from new vehicle buyers. We salute this excellent purpose but have you ever notion about the safety of your circle of relatives contributors whilst they’re being driven by using a stranger? Or your teenage children who’ve just got their license and are out on the road, experimenting with riding competencies?

These questions popped out in my thoughts after I had the cutting-edge protection-cum-dash camera from the residence of Kent. Wait a minute – Kent? Yes, the pioneers in water purification at the moment are turning their cognizance to make sure the protection of everybody through a totally clever device, aptly named as the CamEye. What is this tool and does it serve the cause? Read on…
Kent CamEye is extra than only a GPS tracker or an ordinary sprint camera. It bundles collectively all of the features of such devices after which greater. For starters, it gives real-time video generation of what’s occurring in advance on the street, and in the vehicle. The same is saved on the cloud server and accessible on your smartphone everywhere in the global for surveillance at a later degree. Second, it offers -manner communique in which you may talk to the car occupants (including the driving force) at any given period of time. And 1/3, it offers all the functions of an everyday vehicle connect app or a dash camera which means that location, experience info, signals et al.

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