A pickup driver accused of slamming into a collection of motorcycles waived arraignment and entered a no longer responsible plea Tuesday in New Hampshire on seven counts of negligent homicide as chilling info emerged from closing week’s crash and the person blamed for the carnage.
Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 23, was arrested at his Massachusetts home Monday and brought earlier than a choose for a brief courtroom look. He waived extradition and changed into transported to New Hampshire, wherein his attorney entered the plea.
A trial was tentatively set for November.
An organization of twenty-two riders on 15 bikes had simply completed dinner Friday and changed into rolling thru the agricultural town of Randolph, one hundred miles north of Concord, en direction to a close-by veterans fundraiser. They have been participants of Marine Jarheads MC, a motorbike membership that consists of Marines and their spouses.
Police say Zhukovskyy changed into driving a 2016 Dodge 2500 pickup, towing a trailer that hauls cars when it collided with the motorcycles. The criminal complaints allege Zhukovskyy, who became being held with out bail, turned into driving inconsistently and crossed over the middle line of the 2-lane motorway.
JarHeads president Manny Ribeiro said he changed into using on a motorcycle next to Al Mazza, one of these hits by means of the truck.
“It became simply an explosion … with parts and Al and the whole thing flying via the air,” Ribeiro stated. “He (Zhukovskyy) grew to become tough left into us and took out pretty lots everyone at the back of me. … Because the trailer was connected and it was this type of big trailer, it became like a whip. It just wiped clean us out.”

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