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Winter is right here and we want to make certain you have got the whole thing you want to get thru the season.
Follow our Winter Weather Survival Guide, underneath:
GETTING YOU ROAD-READY: Are you and your automobile geared up for the snowy, icy roads? Here are pointers to maintain you safe:
Check your battery, tire tread and stress, windshield wipers and antifreeze
Carry emergency materials like flashlights, a shovel, jumper cables, blankets, and an ice scraper
Keep your gas tank full
Don’t force using cruise manipulate
Slow down and allow lots of distance in the front of you
Don’t rush. Check climate and visitors conditions in advance of time and depart early if vital
(Courtesy: Ohio State Highway Patrol)
WINTERIZE YOUR CAR: Before you go away the residence, you would possibly want to double take a look at your car for the subsequent objects:
Mobile phone, charger, batteries
Blankets/dozing bags
Flashlight with extra batteries
First Aid kit
High-calorie, non-perishable food
Extra garb to hold dry
Large empty can use as an emergency restroom, tissues, and paper towels for sanitary purposes
Small can and water-proof suits to melt snow for consuming water
Sack of sand or cat clutter for traction
Windshield scraper and brush
Tool kit
Tow Rope
Battery booster cables
Water field
Candle and suits to offer mild and in an emergency, lifesaving warmth
Compass and road maps; don’t rely upon cellular gadgets with restricted battery lifestyles

DRIVING TIPS: Ohio.Gov gives the subsequent guidelines for drivers who’ve to exit in the slippery weather:
Speed and Distance – The faster you’re going, the longer it will take to forestall. When accelerating on snow or ice, take it sluggish to avoid slipping and sliding.
Limited Visibility – Stay attentive and reduce velocity. Know what’s happening around you.
Brake – Brake early, brake slowly, brake efficiently, and by no means slam at the brakes. If you have anti-lock brakes, press the pedal down firmly and hold it. If you don’t have anti-lock brakes, lightly pump the pedal. Either manner, provide your self plenty of room to prevent.
Control – When driving on ice and snow, do not use cruise manage and keep away from abrupt steerage maneuvers. When merging into traffic, take it gradually. Sudden moves can purpose your automobile to slip.


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