New Delhi: India’s first pre-owned, and multi emblem luxury vehicle dealership Big Boyz Toyz has ventured into e-booking and the business enterprise claims its 50% revenue has been generated from online sales.
Luxury vehicles are the one’s motors which give luxury with excellent or nice functions past strict necessity at an accelerated price. Here the term “luxury” describes the greater equipment, proper performance, creation accuracy, widespread consolation with innovative layout and technological innovation or features which create the logo photograph, popularity or status-or any other bendy feature.

Targeting a specific socio-monetary class, the auto manufacturers make precise fashions of automobiles that get related to the social reputation of that elegance. Thus, in collusion with the car-buying public, those car manufacturers distinguish among their product lines. Regarding the luxury motors, the high rate is the maximum common component; furthermore, the styling, engineering, or even public opinion about the automobiles maximum and lowest fame association with them additionally matters plenty.

In the history of the automobile industry, it’s far regarded that each time due to the assumed superiority of the layout and engineering of those particular vehicles, that institution of car marques and fashions turn out to be steeply-priced to purchase. These cars are designed through aiming at wealthy buyers and that is why those cars generically are termed as luxurious motors. Moreover, the time period luxury vehicle become also used for precise cars created for the duration of technology while luxury turned into private attention and as a result, coachwork turned into customized relying on a proprietor’s likes and dislikes. Even though there is great literature about unique marques, however, there’s a lack of systematic and scholarly work which describe the luxury automobile trend itself.

In a trendy generation, luxury motors encompass vehicles such as sedan, coupe, hatchback, a station wagon with convertible frame patterns, in addition to minivans, crossovers, or recreation utility vehicles which might be to be had in any size, from small to large with numerous rate range.

This broadly used term luxury is vast and extraordinarily variable. It is a greater conditional, perceptual and subjective attribute and consequently, unique people may additionally apprehend it in another way. Thus, the definition of a luxury car to a few… Maybe normal to some others.

These cars probably to provide a higher diploma of comfort stage than their typical counterparts, regular centers along with real leather-based upholstery and complex woodgrain-appearance dashboards. In Comparison to the regular vehicles, these automobiles have conventionally emphasized in consolation and protection issue of the motors. These modern-day vehicles additionally offer better overall performance with higher handling. Luxury motors are considered as repute symbols for rich human beings with prominent use.

In advance duration, those who are rich and excessive class should simplest come up with the money for luxurious vehicles. But nowadays, even the people who are not rich sufficient can also revel in the comfort of these automobiles. The automobile hiring offerings have made it clean for them. Limo is one of the very famous hired automobiles in recent times. People rent limousines for the wedding ceremony, graduation celebration, to choose up a visitor from the airport and so forth. If you need to book a luxurious vehicle for your tour or birthday celebration, then you may find a whole lot of car hiring offerings to be had in recent times in an effort to provide you the type of luxury you need relying on your desire.

With its business spanning across 24 brands and a patron base of round 7,000 the organization claims the e-booking machine will bring transparency in booking technique. Also, it brings comfort to the buyers.

Speaking approximately the e-reserving facility, Jatin Ahuja, Founder, Big Boy Toyz, stated, “Cruising thru our internet site and our social media pages, consumers are supplied with an in-intensity perception into the cars we host in our inventories. Looking on the evolving vehicle industry and the digital landscape we felt it changed into important we strengthen our online presence with a view to tapping into an untapped marketplace.”

He additionally brought, “Our digital presence has been bolstered over the past one year as we felt it changed into crucial to keep a clean e-reserving mechanism for all our customers. I, in my opinion, felt that a private hook up with the customers turned into critical so that you can convert them to ability customers.”

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