QuikrBikes helps people buy and sell all kinds of motorbikes below the agency’s Quikr Assured program, in which sellers can simply sell their motorcycles within an hour, and buyers should purchase certified pre-owned bikes with complete trust backed via a Quikr guarantee

Quikr, which now operates transaction marketplaces constructed on the pinnacle of online classifieds platform, QuikrBikes, a key a part of its car vertical, has reached 50 Bike Points throughout 12 Indian cities. QuikrBikes facilitates human beings purchase and sells all varieties of motorbikes underneath the business enterprise’s Quikr Assured program, in which dealers can conveniently promote their motorcycles inside an hour, and consumers can purchase certified pre-owned bikes with complete accept as true with subsidized by means of a Quikr assure and the company’s financing answers. The shoppers of those motorcycles additionally enjoy the benefit of assured buyback by means of QuikrBikes at as much as eighty% of the bike’s fee. Bike fanatics in Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi, Gurgaon, Vijayawada, Nagpur, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Baramati, Hubli, and Jaipur can now promote and buy bikes beneath the imparting.

Under the Quikr Assured application, QuikrBikes identifies the bikes indexed on its platform that meet its motorbike acquisition standards throughout 29 checkpoints and document verification, sends those bikes for refurbishing and then displays them at its Bike Points as well as its virtual platform. The software gives shoppers trouble-loose provider, alternatives to make payments effortlessly, confident buyback and a variety of motorbike brands inside diverse rate degrees to select from.

Commenting on the offering, Quikr COO & Head of QuikrBikes, Atul Tewari said, “Since the launch of our licensed bikes under this program, we’ve got seen a number of the hobby for them amongst diverse age businesses. The cost of motors offered via Quikr in our auto vertical has grown more than 5 instances in much less than 18 months and the business keeps to expand rapidly. Depending at the geography and call for, we plan to open three or more retailers in each city we’re found in”.

I requested them why I would want them in the sale, to pay them 15% + Vat, their catalogue fees with such low reserves, once I could put them on eBay without a reserve and obtain at least £eight,000 and £five,000 at the value of about £17 in step with the device. They instructed me that the motorcycles would promote and they’d have lots of keen investors bidding away and the bikes might possibly attain £11,000 and £13,000. However, with such excessive reserves, they did not assume that absolutely everyone might even bid. I laughed, eliminated the machines from the sale and sold one by way of making one phone call the following week for £10,000.

I went to the sale in question and become shocked at how chaotic it was. You could not get near the machines to study them. There became no seating and the viewing area was no longer raked, so you ought to look down over the humans in front of you. They did get strong values on a number of the British marques, others offered, however for low fees and the rising marketplace machines went far too cost-effectively, because there have been handiest approximately 3 bidders fascinated. I’m so thrilled I didn’t position my bikes in there, I would have misplaced a fortune. I additionally noticed a Laverda they were advertising and marketing as a Montjuic, however, it changed into the less precious 500 Sport. I spoke to a number of the bidders and creditors there who all stated it changed into the remaining time they have been buying at such auctions because they did not just like the installation.

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