Thousands of bicycles are stolen each year in New Zealand and only a few offenders are stuck – so what are we doing about it?

In the first four months of this year, 832 bicycles were pronounced stolen and simplest 30 humans have been charged for this crime at some point of that time, records released under the Official Information Act indicates.

And figures monitor it’s against the law New Zealand just can not appear to get a take care of on.

For the beyond four years – January 2015 to December 2018 – 12,654 bicycles were stolen and much less than 500 offenders had been tracked down.

Police are warning bicycles are an easy target for opportunistic thieves as they’re often left unsecured, and that they may be a smooth object to on-sell.

“Police urge bicycle owners to lock their bikes with a robust motorbike lock – best approximately 1/2 of bikes mentioned stolen have been locked.

“Ensuring your motorcycle is locked can eliminate the opportunity for thieves, making it extra hard to do away with and thieve your motorcycle,” a police spokeswoman said.

Despite diverse attempts to twist the annoying trend, inclusive of a campaign launched by using Wellington’s council and police final year to inspire bikers to “lock it securely”, hundreds of thefts are still being mentioned.

The police spokesperson said a lack of specific identifying functions and regularly little evidence surrounding the theft can make it difficult to become aware of a perpetrator or tune down the stolen item.

Figures show Canterbury has the worst rates in the country for motorcycle robbery with nearly 3000 reports being made to police within the final four years – between January 2015 and December 2018. Of this, simplest sixty-five offenders have been caught.

Compare this to Auckland, in which the populace is almost triple, 2106 reviews had been made and one zero five human beings have been charged.

Last yr, Bike Auckland’s Barb Cuthbert advised the Herald the bike owner community changed into “a sufferer of our very own fulfillment”, as reputation extended and thieves cottoned directly to the fee in their bikes.

Cuthbert heard of 1 man who had his $15,000 motorcycle stolen from storage and of a perpetrator who had stolen $45,000 really worth of motorcycles. She stated the cycling community is a great deal greater privy to safety.

“We didn’t use to lock our bikes. We do now.

“[Theft] is far extra unfavorable on society as an entire than human beings not sporting a helmet.”

Cuthbert became urging humans to shop for stable motorcycle locks that can not be cut quick with bolt cutters.

She also entreated humans to file their motorbike’s serial variety, which is underneath the axle of the pedal shaft. If a motorbike is stolen and determined, understanding the serial wide variety can make it easier to get it returned.

“[Locks] are simply clipped like a knife going thru butter.”

People can upload their bike’s logo, photograph, and serial number to the SNAP website – www.Snap.Org.Nz – that may offer peace of thoughts, in addition to assistance in case your motorbike is stolen.

Providing the overall info to police and the SNAP internet site presents the nice threat of recovery inside the occasion of theft, the police spokeswoman stated.

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