LAURIE, Mo. — Thanks to two young guys, an elderly Laurie guy is unhurt after his house caught fire on Sunday.

Gravois Fire Protection District firefighters have been toned out at 2:15 p.M. On Sunday, June 23 to a 911 name concerning a residence on fire on Island View Road, off Highway O in Laurie.

Jerome Casper’s kitchen caught fire even as cooking. A neighbor saw the smoke and called 911. Two men in their early 20s, Gabe Binkley and Eric Long, who do work for a disabled veteran in the neighborhood, saw Casper sitting dangerously close to the residence.

“He just thought the smoke was from burning his food, he didn’t know how awful it becomes. He had charcoal black marks around his mouth where he had breathed in a gaggle of smoke. He appeared careworn,” Binkley said.

“When we first got there it turned into just smoke.” But in a matter of minutes, flames were beginning to expose out of the roof and the top ground of the residence became closely worried in a fireplace. “We ran as much as him (Casper) and said, ‘You have to get away from the house, it’s no longer secure!’”

Casper asked the lads to assist him to get two vintage cars out of his storage. So they ran over and pushed the motors far from the burning shape. They additionally moved Casper’s canine to a safe vicinity, away from the residence. “The minute they moved accurately faraway from the residence, a field of ammunition and the pinnacle of a kerosene tank blew up,” neighbor Sandy Munton said. “I am so impressed with those boys and how they stopped to check on him, after which how they helped him, with none concern for themselves.”

On arrival, firefighters determined the front higher-half of-of two-story shape on fire. Mutual aid becomes requested and answered to by means of the Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District (SBFPD). The hearth was threatening 15 homes inside the subdivision.

According to Gravois Fire Protection District (GFPD) Deputy Fire Chief Ron Anselmo, firefighters made access through home windows and used water to push the fire out the front of the constructing. Water became hauled in through tanker from the hearth hydrant on the Lake West Cinema. “They knocked the fire down and performed overhaul to make sure there were no hidden embers,” Chief Anselmo stated.

There had been no accidents. GFPD answered with 8 equipment and 10 employees. SBFPD answered with one engine and three personnel. Firefighters left the scene at 7 p.M.

The 2d story of the shape became broken with the aid of the fireplace and the bottom ground sustained water damage. “We contacted the Red Cross and they may be helping the homeowner with food and refuge,” Chief Anselmo stated.

The reason for hearth seems to be from a pan left on the range. “We cannot undoubtedly verify that the variety becomes left on, it would take a forensic lab to take it aside,” Chief Anselmo said. “But all indications point to the variety being left on, unattended.”

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