BHUBANESWAR: The freewheeling by heavy automobile drivers inside the Twin City of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack have ended up a major cause of the problem for the commuters and the planned mismanagement via the authorities has irritated the menace.
Heavy vehicle drivers may be seen driving callously without sticking to a specific lane. They overtake consistent with their personal will and thus positioned the lives of the commuters at risk.

The scenario becomes even greater minacious all through nights whilst truck drivers apparently force below the have an impact on alcohol to cover long distance trips. The system of checking such violations changed into a great deal greater streamlined while senior IPS officer BK Sharma turned into Twin City Commissioner of Police, however, the scenario has now long past for a toss.
While site visitors interceptors are busy accumulating fines from truck drivers for overloading, employees of PCR vans stationed at the toll road do no longer appear to be worried approximately the protection of citizens and like to relax in the reclining seats of the vehicles.
Police assets stated there are 3 visitors interceptors inside the State Capital to behavior enforcement sports. While one interceptor is with Commissionerate Police, different cars are with RTO I and II.
One of the interceptors is typically stationed at Bhubaneswar-Cuttack toll road and police there block the heavy motors to test to overload. The surprising diversion with the aid of truck drivers towards the traffic interceptor additionally poses an incredible threat to the commuters who are using behind the heavy automobiles.
According to Rules of Road Regulations, 1989, the driver of a motor vehicle is meant to power the automobile as close to the left facet of the road as may be expedient and permit all site visitors that is proceeding within the contrary path to skip on his/her right-hand aspect.

“A man becomes crossing the street whilst a speeding truck shifting on the proper lane overwhelmed him to dying few months again. If trucks ply on the left side, then many such incidents can be prevented,” a tea stall proprietor in Nakhara said. In 2016, Commissionerate Police had launched an cognizance campaign for the truck drivers and had advised them to power at the left aspect of the highway however to no avail. Police had additionally set up banners alongside the motorway directing the drivers of the heavy automobiles to force at the left side of the roads.
Regional Transport Office (RTO) officials admitted rash driving with the aid of truck drivers and said they’re in most cases driving at the right side of the roads to keep away from any interruptions. “We are that specialize in site visitors violations like under the influence of alcohol driving, using without helmets, and others. We have additionally decided to focus on rash driving as on many occasions motorists can be visible using promptly at the City roads.
Highway patrolling may also be better to test that heavy vehicles are not plying at the right facet,” said Bhubaneswar DCP Anup Sahu.
Data of the closing four years well-known shows how unsafe the Capital City roads have ended up for two-wheeler and 4-wheeler drivers. About 653 cases of injuries had been reported right here in 2018 towards six hundred in 2017, 598 in 2016 and 600 in 2015.

Lessons unlearnt
In 2016, Commissionerate Police had launched an awareness campaign for truck drivers.
Truck drivers advised to pressure on the left facet of dual carriageway; rule no longer being observed.
Banners asking drivers to hold to the left of the highway too have failed to check the violation.
653 cases of injuries suggested in 2018 in opposition to six hundred in 2017, 598 in 2016 and six hundred in 2015.

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