A hearse made into an Ecto-1… That’s becoming.
Over the direction of the June eight weekend in Los Angeles, Wizard World helped rejoice the 35th anniversary of the authentic Ghostbusters movie with Ghostbusters Fan Fest, a conference celebrating all things busting ghosts. The two-day event featured the solid and director of the unique 1984 film, in addition to Jason Reitman stopping by means of to deliver a few information approximately the 2020 sequel.
In addition, there have been different celebrities concerned in the unique films, the lively series, and the IDW comedian books to be had in attendance, together with Ghostbusters cosplay, and of the route, custom motors made to either seem like the long-lasting Ecto-1 or to suit into the Ghostbusters universe.
While attending the fan fest, we snapped a few pics of some of the good automobiles, and bikes, that went through the Ghostbusters customization manner. There became tons of creativity and interest to detail to deliver those vehicles to existence. Check them out for yourself beneath.

A Toyota FJ Cruiser Ecto-1
For whilst you want to discover the wilderness, off-street, but also need to pick up the kids from faculty at three.

Not the original, but pretty close
This appears very near the authentic Ecto-1, however, the one from the film become longer and had extra of a bubble-y shape on the pinnacle of the again.
This one had actual Ghostbusters striking out with it.

Complete with made over wagon for kids, this Ecto-1 shall we human beings recognize which you’re all about the yr 2000, and somehow, you saved this car going for walks for 19 years.

Sometimes, ghosts want to be chased into the forest, or shallow flow, or they want a sofa moved from their apartment. Can an ordinary Ecto-1 do those matters? Nope, however this you will! This is also the suitable Ghostbusting gadget for a person who loves El Caminos but refuses to buy one due to the fact they’re just too low to the floor.

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