A hearse made into an Ecto-1… That’s fitting.

Over the course of the June eight weekend in Los Angeles, Wizard World helped rejoice the thirty-fifth anniversary of the authentic Ghostbusters movie with Ghostbusters Fan Fest, a convention celebrating all matters busting ghosts. The -day event featured the forged and director of the unique 1984 movie, in addition to Jason Reitman preventing by means of to supply some news about the 2020 sequel.

In addition, there were other celebrities concerned within the unique films, the animated collection, and the IDW comedian books available in attendance, in conjunction with Ghostbusters cosplay, and of course, custom vehicles made to either look like the iconic Ecto-1 or to suit into the Ghostbusters universe.

While attending the fan fest, we snapped a few pictures of some of the coolest vehicles, and bikes, that went via the Ghostbusters customization procedure. There become lots of creativity and attention to element to carry these motors to lifestyles. Check them out for yourself below.

A Toyota FJ Cruiser Ecto-1

For when you want to explore the barren region, off-avenue, but additionally, have to choose up the children from school at 3.

Not the unique, but quite close

This seems very near the unique Ecto-1, but the one from the movie changed into longer and had more of a bubble-y shape on the pinnacle of the lower back.

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