Since the summer time destroy, tensions had been simmering within the Coalition over electric motors. Although Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg has thrown his assist at the back of electric powered cars, a few on the government benches are yet to be convinced.

In a debate with UNSW’s Gail Broadbent, who specialises in electric vehicle research, on ABC’s RN Drive, Craig Kelly, a Government backbencher who sits at the House of Representatives Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy, challenged the belief that electric vehicles ought to attract a taxpayer-funded subsidy to inspire their proliferation.

Mr Kelly argued it became unfair that someone using a automobile within the outer suburbs of huge towns or regional regions must be subsidising people using electric motors in the internal city.

He also questioned the environmental benefits of subsidies, referring to the Federal Government’s Green Vehicle Guide, that’s run with the aid of the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities.

He said:

“Look at the [Green Vehicle Guide] website. A Tesla has a (sic) carbon dioxide emissions while charged the average of the Australian grid — that’s better in Victoria, that’s better in Sydney — of close to 2 hundred grams consistent with kilometre travelled. A Toyota Corolla at the identical government internet site suggests only 171 grams of CO2. So, the Toyota Corolla is appreciably less than the Tesla and that does not consist of the manufacturing emissions.”

Does a Toyota Corolla emit considerably much less carbon dioxide than a Tesla? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.
The verdict

Mr Kelly is cherrypicking.

The records on the Green Vehicle Guide website shows simplest the extra effective Tesla fashions emitted “near 2 hundred grams” of carbon dioxide in keeping with kilometre. Most emitted less, a few considerably less.

Mr Kelly referred to “a Tesla” and “a Corolla”. However, the website lists 27 one-of-a-kind models of Tesla, with emissions varying depending at the version.

At the time Mr Kelly made his declare (the internet site has considering the fact that been up to date), emissions for the diverse Tesla models ranged from 174 to 212 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre.

For petrol Corolla models, emissions ranged from 171 to 191 grams of carbon dioxide in line with kilometre.

Eleven models of Tesla had higher emissions than the maximum polluting Corolla (191 grams of CO2 according to kilometre), compared with 16 that have been less polluting.

All 27 fashions of Tesla indexed on the time of the declare had higher emissions than the least polluting petrol Corolla (171 grams of CO2 per kilometre).

However, in keeping with experts, the statistics for the emissions intensity of the strength grid become obsolete on the time the declare became made.

The website has been up to date in view that Mr Kelly made his declare with facts reflecting the 2015-sixteen electricity blend between coal, gasoline and renewables.

This led to a sizeable development inside the mentioned environmental performance of the Tesla compared with petrol Corollas, such that five models of Tesla had higher emissions than the most polluting Corolla (191 grams of CO2 in line with kilometre), as compared with 22 that were much less polluting.

After the replace, 17 fashions of Tesla had better emissions than the least polluting petrol Corolla (171 grams of CO2 in line with kilometre), at the same time as 10 had lower emissions than even the most environmentally pleasant petrol Corolla.

Mr Kelly does have a factor — no longer all Tesla models are cleanser than Corollas.

However, it is a stretch to signify — even using out-of-date 2013-14 information for the emissions intensity of the strength grid — that Corollas have “notably” decrease emissions than Teslas.

And specialists stated it changed into deceptive to compare excessive-overall performance cars with mid-overall performance ones.

They talked about that a fairer assessment for a Corolla was a small electric powered car which includes a Renault Zoe, which consistent with the trendy information on the website emits between 121 and 136 grams of carbon dioxide in line with kilometre — less than any of the five petrol Corollas.
Context to the declare

Mr Kelly has been main a set of Coalition MPs to argue against subsidies for the industry, warning that supplying taxpayer-funded guide may want to growth emissions.

In January he told The Australian: “We want to be very cautious that any subsidies or concessions we deliver to electric powered cars in Australia will now not growth CO2 emissions instead of decrease them. The hazard right here is you may have the rich man or woman in Balmain shopping for a Tesla, subsidised via a bloke in Penrith who is using a Corolla.”

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