Have you ever desired to own an actual head-turner muscle automobile however without breaking the bank or tapping into the youngsters’ university finances—or at the least, not an excessive amount of? That’s exactly how Robert Masi, the proprietor of a 1970 Dodge Charger felt. As an end result, he determined to make his already unique introduction appear like an antique Dodge Charger Daytona. Oh, and he also dropped a Hellcat engine under the hood.

Masi published photographs of his custom Dodge Charger Daytona tribute car to the B-Body Mopar Facebook institution, showing the complete construct with the long-lasting 6.2-liter supercharged V-eight Hemi engine. The candy-looking advent is completed in 1999 Chrysler Intense Blue Pearl. We’re uncertain if the engine has been tuned or changed in any manner, but thinking about the stock output is rated at 707 horsepower, it’s secure to mention there isn’t an actual want to squeeze greater horsepower out of it.

According to Masi’s comments on the Facebook thread, the vintage Charger became at the beginning restored back in 2000, and all of the elements sourced to create the Daytona look are allegedly genuine replica components. Masi then bought the automobile quickly after finishing the build but determined to buy it again these days to improve—and that’s where the new Hellcat engine and upgraded wheels came in. Also, it seems that Masi is liable for the whole build, as he replies to one commenter on the thread announcing that he’s done all the paintings and that he owns a hotrod store in Virginia.

Comments at the publish variety from “DAAAMN” to questions about the auto’s top speed. Heck, one character even asked to be adopted as Masi’s daughter (because reputedly having a cool car warrants such request). Real or not, this Charger Daytona is probably to command a wholesome rate tag if it’s ever indexed for sale.

The authentic Charger Daytona became considered one of two motors made by using Dodge as a part of its NASCAR homologation requirements, and the well-known Superbird came as a successor to the Daytona. In 1970, the Daytona has become the first car in records to break the two hundred-miles-consistent with-hour mark in NASCAR. Furthermore, the Charger Daytona got here from the factory with engine choices: a 440 cubic-inch Magnum engine and the extremely uncommon 426 cubic-inch Hemi. Both cars are extraordinarily special and uncommon, with Daytona fashions powered by means of the 440 engine effortlessly reaching into the six-parent range, even as vehicles with a 426 beneath the hood flirt with the $1-million mark.

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